Like many companies, we started small - just a modest general store located west of Springdale, Arkansas. When our founder C. L. George began hauling live poultry to customers in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Chicago, he laid the foundation for the future of George's.


Ninety years later, we are a fourth generation, privately held company still led by the George family. While we've grown into a thriving operation spanning multiple states with over 4,700 employees, our vision has remained the same: "to set the standard by providing consistently superior poultry products worldwide every day." 



Historical Timeline

  • A Humble Beginning

    George's story begins with its founder, C. L. George, who raised his family in the Brush Creek community west of Springdale, Arkansas.

  • Quality and Great Service

    In the 1920s, C. L. George established a general store in the Brush Creek community where his principles of quality and great service took shape.

  • Produce and Poultry

    As business grew, C. L. began to focus on hauling live chickens to market and selling local produce in downtown Springdale.

  • Farmer's Produce Company

    In the mid-1930s, C. L. moved his operation to Springdale, Arkansas and formed the Farmer's Produce Company.

  • Farmer's Produce Company

    The Company continued to grow, adding more trucks, more growers, and more markets.

  • Farmer's Produce Company

    The Farmer’s Produce Company specialized in purchasing live chickens from local farmers and transporting them to markets in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Chicago for processing.  By that time, C. L.’s sons, Luther and Gene, had joined the business.

  • A Farmer at Heart

    A farmer at heart, C. L. (middle) maintained a close relationship with growers.

  • Expanding the Business

    In the early 1940s, C. L. and Luther continued to expand the business.  Upon his return from school and the Navy, Gene re-joined his father and brother in the family business.  (Luther 3rd from left, Gene 4th from left)

  • C. L. George and Sons

    With both sons in the business full-time, Farmer’s Produce Company became C. L. George and Sons and continued to grow on Emma Street in downtown Springdale.

  • George's Feed and Supply

    In the late 1950s, George’s broke ground on a feed mill at a new location on Robinson Avenue (now the site of the corporate headquarters) changing the name to George’s Feed and Supply.

  • Robinson Avenue Expansion

    After completing a hatchery and office at the Robinson Avenue complex in the early 1960s, the operation continued to grow with the expansion of the existing feed mill, a truck shop, and the formation of a propane company.

  • George's Inc.

    After the deaths of C. L. and Luther in 1969, Gene George took over as President, and George's Feed and Supply was renamed George's Inc in 1973.

  • Passing the Torch

    In 1972, Gene’s son, Gary, joined the family business full-time after graduating from the University of Arkansas.  He was named President/COO in 1980.

  • Working Together

    Gene and Gary worked closely together in the 1980s, which was a time of major growth for George’s with the broiler and egg business.

  • Top Table Egg Producers

    George’s commercial egg operations became one of the top table egg producers after building an in-line processing facility on a company farm near Siloam Springs, Arkansas. 

    (George’s exited the egg business in 2007 to concentrate on its broiler business.)

  • Cassville Expansion

     George’s broiler business expanded with the addition of the Cassville processing plant which was constructed from the ground up and completed in 1989. 

    Cassville Plant Groundbreaking - August 1987 (Gary George 1st on left - Gene George 3rd from right – Otto Jech 1st on right)

  • A New Home on Robinson Avenue

    Office space was needed with the additional growth, and a new corporate office on Robinson Avenue was completed in 1989.

  • A New Leadership Addition

    In 1994, Monty Henderson joined the company as President/COO and Gary George was named CEO. Their leadership positioned George's for upcoming growth with more facility expansions and acquisitions.

  • Porter Street Renovations

    In 1995, renovations were made to the previous commercial egg plant on Porter Street.  This included the addition of cone lines for deboning which gave George’s additional product options for customers.  The Porter Street plant currently produces many further processed products including par-fry items.

  • Springdale Plant Expansion

    The Springdale plant also underwent a large expansion in 1999 to keep up with the growing customer base.

  • George's Enters East Coast Markets

    With state-of-the-art operations in Arkansas and Missouri, George’s looked to the east with the acquisition of the chicken assets of Rocco Foods located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in 2001. This allowed George’s to enter the east coast markets.

  • A New Hatchery in Cassville

    A state-of-the-art Hatchery was completed in Cassville, Missouri in 2002.

  • Missouri Complex Completion

    A new feed mill was finished in 2007 to complete the Missouri complex.

  • Ellis Eugene "Gene" George 1922 - 2010

    Our company mourned the loss of our Chairman, Gene George, who passed away in late 2010. His vision positioned George’s for the growth of the future.

  • Harrisonburg Complex Addition

    While maintaining growth in the western markets with operations in Arkansas and Missouri, George’s continues to position itself in the eastern markets with the purchase of an additional complex in Harrisonburg, Virginia in 2011.

  • Looking to the Future

    Through planned growth and strategic acquisitions, George’s continues to look to the future.  Holding true to previous generation values of good people, hard work, and an honest word, this fourth generation company continues to provide quality poultry products worldwide every day.