Frozen Boneless, Skinless, Portion Controlled Breast Products

George's Boneless, Skinless, Portion Controlled Breast Products come from the highest quality fryers available. Each piece is computer weighed for portion control. These premium quality boneless, skinless breasts are perfect for numerous main dishes whether grilled, broiled, or fried.

        Individually Frozen Portion Controlled Breast Filets

        Tray Packed Portion Controlled Breast Filets

Individually Frozen Whole Cut-Up Chickens and Parts

George’s Individually Frozen Chicken Products are cut from a consistently young and tender bird, then frozen in individual pieces for easy use.

        Individually Frozen 8-Piece Chicken

        Individually Frozen Split Chicken

        Individually Frozen Quarter-Cut Chicken

        Individually Frozen Breast Halves

        Individually Frozen Whole Wings

        Individually Frozen Disjointed Wings

        Individually Frozen Drumsticks

        Individually Frozen Thighs

Individually Frozen "B-52" Disjointed Wings

George’s “B-52” Bomber Wings are marinated disjointed wings with just the right amount of spice.  Going directly from freezer to deep fryer, these wings are ready to serve in no time.

Frozen Marinated, Raw, Breaded 8-Piece Cut Up Chicken

George’s Fryer Crisp MRB - our special seasoning and breading give George’s MRB that home-style look and made-from-scratch taste.

Frozen Breaded Chicken Products

George’s breaded products come in a variety of signature breading profiles to meet the individual specifications and business needs of our foodservice customers.  In addition, our R and D team will work with you to customize and develop products to give you a competitive advantage and your customers the taste and culinary experience they deserve.

        Southern Style Breaded Tenderloins, Breaded Tenderloin Fritters, and Breaded Breast Filet Fritters

        Homestyle Tenderloin Fritters

        Northeastern Style Tenderloin Fritters

        Boneless Wings

        Popcorn Chicken



Products are packed in George’s brand as well as private label and national account brands.

Controlled Vacuum Packed Fresh Poultry Products

Our fresh foodservice program consists of producing and marketing both small bird and large bird products. Our plants are strategically located in Springdale, Arkansas; Cassville, Missouri; Edinburg and Harrisonburg, Virginia so that we can provide our customers with the freshest chicken possible.

       Whole WOGs (Non-Marinated and Marinated)

       Trussed Whole WOGs (Non-Marinated and Marinated)

       Cut-up Whole Chickens (Non-Marinated and Marinated)





       Boneless Chicken Breast Products

               Portion Controlled Breast Filets

               Random Breast Filets

               Tenderloins (Select and Large)

               Breast Pieces

               Breast Strips

       Whole and Disjointed Party Wings

       Fresh Chicken Parts (Leg Quarters, Split Breast, Whole Legs, etc.)


Products are packed in George's brand as well as private label and national account brands.



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