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From fresh and frozen to white label brands, we offer a wide selection of quality products. Our collective of branded products are a great addition to your assortment. Our two branded product lines meet the needs of both shoppers and retailers alike and are produced with committment to high-quality standards.

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Our flagship retail brand offers premium, tender non-GMO chicken at reasonable prices.

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Our house brand offers a selection of individually frozen chicken in a variety of different cuts.

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We've compiled a list of frequent questions about our chicken. If you can't find the answer to your question please contact Shopper Support.

  • Any George’s® chicken sold with the “no antibiotics ever” label claim means that no antibiotics have ever been administered to our chickens. This includes in the hatchery, prior to chickens hatching, and while they are raised on the farm.
  • We will, however, continue to treat sick flocks with antibiotics—it’s the right thing to do. For any treated flocks, products will marketed separately and NEVER carry a “no antibiotics ever” claim on the label.

NOTE: No chicken products sourced from chickens raised in the United States contain antibiotics in the meat. This is because federal regulations require withdrawing medicines well in advance of processing to ensure medications have time to work through chickens’ systems, and there is no antibiotic residue in the meat. The exact withdrawal period varies, depending on U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines for certain types of medicines.

No. Federal law has banned the use of hormones and steroids in poultry production since the 1950s. It’s a myth that chickens grow quickly because of hormones and steroids. It’s because of advances in genetics and growing conditions that chickens thrive the way they do—not because anything unnatural is added.

USDA allows chicken producers to place an “all natural” claim on labels so long as products contain “all natural” ingredients. All George’s® chicken products that carry “all natural” on the label contain no artificial ingredients. In most cases, our products contain just one ingredient: chicken!

When consumers see the “Non-GMO Project Verified” callout on product labels, it means that the product inside those packages has been brought to market according to specific standards that have been independently verified by a qualified agency. Chickens, themselves, are not genetically modified organisms (GMOs). However, chickens eat grains, which include corn and soybeans, and those grains may or may not be genetically modified. In order to carry the “Non-GMO Project Verified” label, however, chickens raised for those products ate a diet of non-GMO grains throughout their entire lifetimes. Both GMO and non-GMO grains used to raise George’s chicken flocks are locally sourced in the United States.

When a product contains nothing but 100% all natural chicken (no added salt, ingredients, or additives of any kind), we are not required to have an ingredient statement on the label.

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We partner with National and Regional Accounts and Foodservice Distributors to innovate and produce on-trend food that will keep your customers coming back for more.

  • Fresh CVP and Frozen Chicken
  • Par-Fried–Strips, Tenders, Boneless and Bone-in Wings, Popcorn Chicken
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Deli & Hot Case

George’s produces delicious insight-driven deli items for supermarkets that your consumers will crave.

  • Whole Rotisserie Chicken
  • Par-Fried—Strips, Tenders, Boneless and Bone-in Wings, Popcorn Chicken
  • Bone-in Fried Chicken
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Industrial & Export

To learn more about our industrial and export product offerings, contact George’s sales at 1-800-800-2449 or submit a form online.

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