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Our Heritage

In the 1920s, C.L. George and his sons, Luther and Gene, began hauling live birds from Arkansas to larger markets in the Midwest. Many years later, under the leadership of Gene, George’s would grow from a small, local business, to a major, fully integrated poultry operation. When Gene’s son Gary took over in the 1980s he positioned the company for growth with more facility expansions and acquisitions. As of 2013, Gary’s sons, Carl and Charles, lead the fourth generation of George’s, Inc. into success and growth, while maintaining the family values their predecessors instilled in the company. Today, George’s is among the top ten largest vertically integrated chicken producers in America and has diversified our protein assortment beyond poultry.

Our History

When our founder, C. L. George, began hauling live birds to Kansas City, St. Louis and Chicago, he laid the foundation for the future of George’s, Inc.


C. L. George opened a general store in Brush Creek, Arkansas. As business grew, he began hauling live birds to larger markets in the Midwest. C. L. moved his operation to Springdale, Arkansas, and formed Farmer’s Produce Company. A farmer at heart, C. L. maintained close relationships with growers, a legacy that lives on.


George’s sons Gene and Luther came on board, and the business became C. L. George and Sons. After completing a hatchery and office at the Robinson Avenue complex in the early 1960s, the operation continued to grow with expansion of the existing feed mill, a truck shop, and the formation of a propane company. During this period of growth the company became George’s Feed and Supply.


Continuing the family tradition, Gene George took over as President, and George’s Feed and Supply became George’s, Inc. in 1973. The ‘80s were also a time of major growth for the company, as Gene’s son Gary was named President/COO.


Growth continued with expansions of existing operations and a new mill in Missouri. Gary George was named CEO, and under his leadership, the company became the 12th largest chicken producer in the U.S. in 2012.


In 2013, George’s, Inc. named Gary’s sons, Carl and Charles George, as Co-CEO/Presidents to lead innovation and future growth. In 2017, George’s Prepared Foods, LLC acquired Campos Foods, LLC, a leading producer of fully cooked pork, beef and turkey products based in Caryville, Tennessee, diversifying the company beyond poultry. The company continues to thrive, and in 2018, George’s, Inc. acquired Ozark Mountain Poultry, Inc. to offer consumers affordable antibiotic free and non-GMO poultry products.

Culinary, R&D and Innovation

At George’s, we place a high value on innovation. Our team constantly explores the latest culinary research and development trends allowing us to partner with our customers to design insight-driven products.

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Our Leadership

Our Facilities

Our corporate office is located in Springdale, Arkansas. Over the years, our business has grown to a total of eight plants throughout Arkansas, Missouri, and Virginia, all of which handle different aspects of what we do but with the same commitment to quality. George’s Prepared Foods, LLC currently operates in Tennessee.

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Batesville, AR

Processing Plant

Ozark Mountain Poultry, Inc.

Deboning & Retail Packing (Tray and Saddle)

Rogers, AR

Further Processing Plant

Ozark Mountain Poultry, Inc.

Deboning, Marination & Retail Packing (Tray and Saddle)

Springdale, AR

Processing Plant

WOG’s, Debone, Sizing & Marination

Springdale, AR

Further Processing Plant

Deboning, Portioning, Fresh & Frozen Marination, Breaded Par Fry, MRB

Cassville, MO

Processing Plant

WOG’s, Fresh Cut Up, & Marination

Caryville, TN

George’s Prepared Foods, LLC

Fully Cooked Burgers & Fully Cooked Sausage Patties

Edinburg, VA

Processing Plant

WOG Marination & Trussing, Deboning, Fresh Cut Up, Portioning

Harrisonburg, VA

Processing Plant

WOG Marination & Trussing, Deboning, & Portioning