Nora began her career at George’s after graduating high school and has been an important part of the George’s family for 40 years! She even met her husband of 33 years while working at the company.

From Receptionist to Senior Executive Assistant, she has had the opportunity to work alongside three generations of the George family. Nora has been a part of the company’s growth for four decades and has been able to witness firsthand how the vision of each successive generation of the George family has moved the company forward in their own way.

When Nora began as a Receptionist, there were only about 30 people working in the corporate office.  That office space is now part of the hatchery. With no cell phones at the time, a  2-way radio system was used to communicate with company personnel and everyone could hear your conversations.  Electric typewriters were standard office equipment since personal computers were not widely available until the early 1980s.  Nora was part of the digital revolution and technological change that we often take for granted today.

Nora shared that the most rewarding part of her job is helping people. She takes comfort in working with people that care about you and your family. Nora also enjoys being involved in the office interior design as the company is constantly expanding and remodeling for growth. No two days at the office are the same and some days it feels like her job is traffic control with the many projects and team members to support, which makes her role exciting.

She enjoys using George’s products to make chicken salad, chicken enchiladas and loves Quick’N Eat burger patties for busy evenings on the run.

We are so thankful to Nora for her dedication and hard work over the years!