In poultry production, there’s often confusion about the use of hormones, steroids, and questions about the genetic modification of chickens, due to some of larger piece sizes consumers sometimes see, when shopping for chicken products.

(No!) Added Hormones and Steroids

As for added hormones and steroids, let’s set the record straight: Federal regulations have long prohibited the use of both in all poultry and pork production. Overseen by the

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), these regulations have been in place since the 1950s. In fact, no added hormones or steroids of any kind are used in chicken products sold in the United States, and that includes George’s chicken products. Please note that the reason we say no “added” hormones, is because chickens naturally produce their own hormones, like all animals do, including human beings.

Chickens are Not Genetically Modified Organisms

Another important fact is that chickens raised for meat are not genetically modified organisms. The physical characteristics of today’s broiler chickens (those raised for meat) have been achieved through generations of selective breeding, to achieve specific physical characteristics. Example:

Golden Retrievers look a lot different than Chihuahuas, because each type of dog was bred for different purposes. The same goes for chickens!

The Chicken Inside Your Grocery Cart

When shopping for chicken products, consumers may notice differences in piece size from brand to brand. Why? The reason is simple: When chickens remain in the barn longer, they naturally eat more feed, and they grow larger. Some brands strive for larger piece sizes, while other brands, harvest their chickens at younger ages, resulting in more moderately sized piece sizes.

In Summary

Advancements in breeding, nutrition, and technology have enabled chickens to grow naturally to their desired weights. We strictly adhere to regulations regarding hormones, steroids, and chickens are not genetically modified organisms.

These practices ensure that you, our valued consumers, receive humanely raised, safe, and natural chicken products. From our family to yours!